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Spring Cleanup! (Week 2)

Lobster -raw tails

This week doesn’t look as impressive as last week… I wasn’t home to cook much!

Use-it-up tally:

  • 3 wee frozen lobster tails
  • 2 frozen pitas (to eat with my leftover babaghanoush!)

Yeah, pretty pathetic. I’m sure I’ll be cooking more next week, and have plans to use up more of my freezer contents. Trying to decide whether I’m more in the mood for Persian or Moroccan…

Now for the shameful waste. I forgot to include this stuff last week, so the list is a bit bloated.

Shameful waste tally:

  • frozen chopped lemongrass (seriously, don’t bother freezing it!)
  • frozen bread ends (just prolonging their agony)
  • leftover Mansaf sauce (couldn’t freeze it, didn’t need it all in the leftovers)

I’m eyeing some really old Bacardi drink mixes in the freezer… I really hate throwing things out, but I don’t see myself ever using these up! I’d rather have a nicely chilled gin and tonic on a hot summer day.

Wanna join in? Just leave a comment on the Stephfood Facebook page! Every week, I’ll post an update of my progress, and I’d love it if you would too!

This month, cleaning will ensue!

Delicious, delicious cleaning!