Slow-Cooker Chili

Spring Cleanup! (Week 3)

Slow-Cooker Chili

After last week’s sad list, I amped it up for this week. My success this week was in part due to the Easter weekend – we didn’t have time for groceries, so I had to make do with what we had on hand.

Use-it-up tally:

  • Chili – this was a lifesaver one day when I didn’t have any leftovers for lunch!
  • Italian sausage – used in a pasta dish
  • Paneer – used in an indian peas and cheese dish
  • Green peas – used in an indian peas and cheese dish
  • Fesenjan sauce – used in a pulled fesenjan dish
  • Chicken breasts – used in a pulled fesenjan dish
  • about half of the pierogies

My highlight of the week was the pulled fesenjan. With the sauce pre-made, all I had to do was throw the chicken breasts into the slow-cooker with the sauce in the morning. I came home to a fully cooked dish, that only required a little manual shredding, some rice and a vegetable side. Very nice!

Now for the shameful waste. I forgot to include this stuff last week, so the list is a bit bloated.

Shameful waste tally:

  • a half a chayote
  • a couple of old avocadoes

I was sad to have to throw these things out; there was really no reason for the waste. These are ingredients that we enjoy, that we were using up quickly over the last few months. My guess is that I haven’t made any tacos from my Mexican cookbook lately, and therefore the chayote and avocadoes were neglected. Boo!

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This month, cleaning will ensue!

Delicious, delicious cleaning!