I love food.

I like to go out for food, I love grocery shopping and, for the most part, I like to cook. I have more spices than some grocery stores, and feel at a loss when I have less than 5 different cheeses in the fridge at any given time. I’m obsessed with spices.

I am not a good cook… but I’m getting better at it!

I can make things that taste good, but there are a lot of simple things that I can’t do.

I continue to challenge myself to learn to make some new things, while keeping track of the things I think I’m doing well!

I have a distinct fear of cooking for others.

If we have people over for dinner, I panic. I don’t know what to make, and I can’t guarantee that it will come out edible. I hope to work on this, and plan the perfect dinner party. This isn’t going to happen right away; my first step is simply trying not to have nightmares about it.

I love to travel.

I’m curious about the world, and want to explore it all. I also want to eat all of the food. Can you blame me?

Need to contact me?

stephfood at live dot ca