Beer & Butter Tarts? Heck Yes!

Beer & Butter Tarts - Image

Hey folks! My blog is now a part of the all-Canadian, all-food aggregator “Beer & Butter Tarts“! Seriously – with a name like that, as if I wouldn’t want to be a part of it!

Anyone who enjoys food blogs, and is looking for more from Canuckleheads like me, head on over to Beer & Butter Tarts.

Steph Out.

2 thoughts on “Beer & Butter Tarts? Heck Yes!”

  1. Thanks so much for including Karlo Estates in your eating adventures through Prince Edward County. We’re flattered you like the place so much, you’ll be coming back in the summer. ;-))

    Just wanted to let you know we officially moved into our “Winter” tasting room just today, so then next time you come back, it will be nice and toasty warm for you.


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