Hallowe’en Roundup

This week is the post-Hallowe’en wrap-up…

Friday, I’ll be posting my own spooky treats, but for now I just wanted to offer some links to some cool holiday goodies.

If nothing else, please check this one out — it’s the scariest Hallowe’en treat yet — MEATFACE!

Cupcake Project shows how to make ghost cupcakes using crépes!

Veggie Num Nums presents Forbidden Rice Pudding – not really Hallowe’eny, but it’s purple and the name is pretty spooky, so…

Of course, Martha Stewart is probably the queen of Hallowe’en treats.

A Ghastly Treat

… and I can’t let the holiday disappear from memory without offering up a piece of appropriate Canadiana. More specifically, Southern Ontariana, originating in the Hammer.

I give you Grizelda, the Ghastly Gourmet.

(from the show “the Hilarious House of Frightenstein“)