Blog Love – November 2010

Time for another bunch of things that other people did that made me drool! TMI? Yeah, probably…

Let’s Start with Some Wild & Weird Stuff!

A really innovative way to design a blog — like a magazine! Check out Bron Marshall‘s seasonal releases – but those of you on my side of the world, don’t get too confused by the opposite seasons! Located in New Zealand, Bron’s current release is for Spring 2010.

Ever wanted to know what food looks like on the inside? Inside insides has MRIs of all sorts of food, including pumpkin and pomegranate!

How to take pictures of ugly food. ‘Nuff Said.

… and some Deliciousness to add to my list of things to do

Kalyn’s Kitchen shows us Five Favorite Bean Soups or Stews for Autumn, including one that really piqued my interest- Garbanzo Bean Soup with Garlic, Sumac, Olive Oil, and Lemon. (You know how I love sumac)

Kitchen Butterfly shows how to make finishing salts. I’m a little crazy with the salts lately, so this looks like fun!

Speaking of beautiful photos… don’t you want to go on a picnic with Asha, from Fork Spoon Knife, after reading this? I totally do.

I didn’t know that Lemon Brulée existed, but now I think I need it.

… and now for my favourite thing this week…

a video showing how they make Le Gruyere. I friggin’ love things aged in caves! Makes me feel like a caveman.

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