Cupcake Party!!

Cupcake Party - solitaire

Last weekend, I completely gave into my cupcake obsession by holding a cupcake party.

The rules were simple: bring “gourmet” cupcakes.

You could purchase a few from a bakery, cupcake shop or otherwise “good’ place, or you could bake cupcakes (as long as they were made from scratch!).

My contribution was a batch of chai mini-cupcakes, topped with one of two frostings: condensed milk icing, or vanilla almond buttercream. I got the recipe out of the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book. I really liked how they turned out, but found that they started to feel quite dense the day after. I’m not sure if that happened because they were mini, or maybe I did something. Who knows, I’m still getting the hang of this cupcake thing!

Cupcake Party - My Chai

My chai mini-cupcakes, with condensed milk icing.

My girls did NOT disappoint, and we were treated to a fantastic variety of flavours, textures, and styles.

A couple of us had the same idea, and both ended up making chai cupcakes!! They were based on different recipes, and were different in almost every way. One comment that was made was that the chai cupcakes had a flavour reminiscent of a muffin — I think it comes down to the fact that we don’t often think of cupcakes as being spiced, despite the fact that there are many recipes for spiced cake cupcakes.

I’ve asked a few people what they think the differences between cupcakes and muffins are… it’s a pretty interesting topic, and maybe I’ll get into it in another post. This one is already chock-full, so I’ll stop myself from writing a novel.

I took pictures of most of the cupcakes, but unfortunately none of the lovely ladies! I really did mean to take pics of everyone in their nice outfits, cramming cupcakes into their faces, but it just didn’t happen. I got caught up in the cupcakes, the discussion, and the lovely day. I’m sure they’re happy they get to remain anonymous (dodged a bullet there, ladies!).

On that note, here are some pics of our cupcakes, before they fulfilled their cupcakey destiny.

Cupcake Party - assortment

More of my mini chai cupcakes, topped with buttercream frosting (back-left), and a different take on chai cupcakes with cream cheese frosting – Yum! (front-right)

Cupcake Party - Swirly Bunch

A crazy assortment of cupcakes from Swirl’s!

Highlights: Mangolicious, Lemon Luau, Red Velvet,

Cupcake Party - Cop-out Vanilla

“Cop-out?” No Way! Light and fluffy vanilla cupcakes, from Starbucks.

Cupcake Party - vegan

Three kinds of filled vegan cupcakes – heavenly!

Cupcake Party - chocolate

Devilish Chocolate Cupcakes with ganache or icing.

(not pictured)

The Cupcake Shoppe –
Highlights: After Ate (chocolate cake & mint buttercream), Sticky N Sweet (vanilla cake, dipped in caramel), Pretty N Pink (chocolate cake, raspberry buttercream)

4 thoughts on “Cupcake Party!!”

  1. We had such a good time! It was a delicious afternoon! Maybe it’s the camwhore in me but I DID notice we got all dressed up for the tea party and the only photos being taken were of food! Hahaha 😉 Next time!

  2. Hey!! Which Jennifer is this!!?? (I could make a guess by the ‘camwhore’ comment, buuut…)

    Oh, nevermind, I see the email address in the comment admin. I know who you are!!

  3. yeah everyone was so pretty. Food isn’t just about eating, but the social experience that surrounds it.

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